Get fun and learn with SPACE VOYAGER

Get to know the solar system, galaxies and universe in an impressionanate journey through space, discover the regions and places of each planet. Visit the International Space Station and tour its facilities.

Based on actual footage delivered by NASA, feel like a space explorer with this entertaining application Space Voyager.

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This a 3D application that will allows you to know the solar system, galaxies and stars In an entertaining way. You can travel through space feeling like an astronaut while learning about the different regions and zones of space objects. Recommended for children and adults.
Available for PC with windows 7 or higher.
minimum requirements:
Operating system: Windows 7 or higher.
Graphics card: with support for DX9 or higher.
CPU: intel i3 2.4 GHz  or higher.
Minimum RAM: 4 GB.
Size of file: 334 MB.
Available in English and Spanish / Disponible en Español e Inglés
 Get the software only 10 USD for a few weeks.